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Forum Europrofession 2018

With the motto ‘Industry and Science in Dialogue’, the Europrofession Forum has been setting the tone for human resources in the era of digital change since 2009. Whether staff selection, professional development, advanced training and continued education, or workplace models and design, interested parties from across Germany come together at the European Academy of Otzenhausen to obtain new motivation and fresh ideas for SMEs and large companies, universities and research facilities, associations, chambers of commerce and special partners and to venture ‘outside the box’ in the network between industry and science.

The 21stforum takes the topic of ‘Trade and Logistics 4.0’, a burning issue that will be the focus of presentations and what we expect to be lively discussions. It links up to the informative and exciting 20thforum last year, which focused on ‘Human Resources 4.0’ and in particular qualification and works structuring using industry 4.0 and the internet of things, services and data.

The digital world is changing established business models, sales channels and customer relationships in trade and logistics more than any other element. On a national and international stage, new forms of the platform economy are increasingly being included in retail and wholesale and in both intra and inter logistics. Goods purchasing, delivery, transportation, stocking and consolidation is changing in the digital era, based on data analysis and high-speed artificial intelligence methodology. The gig economy is firmly on the rise, new online platforms are serving as intermediaries between customers and suppliers, and existing employment relationships are changing, meaning that increasing numbers of freelance professionals are likely to be working in trade and logistics in the future.

Let me pick out a few examples of presentations from the Europrofession Forum 2018 programme to demonstrate the breadth of topics being covered. Dr. Nina Czernich of the ifo Institute at LMU Munich will for example shed some light on the labour market of the future and explain the impact of digitalisation on the economy, work and society. Professor Dr. Wolfgang Maaß of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence will examine the opportunities and prospects of smart services and artificial intelligence for trade and logistics. Lower Saxony’s former Minister of Science Lutz Stratmann will talk about how industry 4.0 is changing corporate culture in trade and logistics.

For the first time in the long history of the Europrofession Forum, we are offering a ‘change of perspective’ as part of a podium discussion and throwing the floor open to start-ups. What are your business ideas for the future? What disruptive approaches will be used in different parts of Germany for trade and logistics? What innovations will therefore come from university spin-offs and from non-university research? And what can human resources in trade and logistics learn from start-ups and young companies in terms of the digital world of the platform economy?

Use the Europrofession Forum 2018 as an opportunity to listen to forward-looking lectures, gain professional stimulus and network with Germany’s leading minds on innovative elements of ‘Trade and Logistics 4.0’ in the era of digitalisation and the internet. Come to the European Academy of Otzenhausen to engage in discussion and enjoy hospitality near the French and Luxembourg borders.

Come and join us!

Klaus-Peter BECK
Chairman of the Board of Trustees