9th Europrofession Forum | 5 November 2003

Value creation and staff development in trade

Value creation and staff development in trade (a vital combination) and the promising topic of meaningful use and deployment of human capital formed the bedrock of the Europrofession Forum on 5 November 2003 in Otzenhausen. Focusing on the ‘status of staff development in the context of the current economic situation in the retail trade’, presentations offering a current stocktake in perspective were given by trade experts from:

  • Multi-branch trade
  • Specialist retail trade
  • Cooperative group trade

Representatives of companies such as Douglas, engelhorn and E/D/E presented examples of their staff development concepts, the success of which is based on harmonising corporate culture, corporate objectives and employee goals.

Wilfried Malcher representing the HDE (central association of the German retail trade) tackled the topic from an employer’s perspective in the context of rapid structural change in retail, changing qualification requirements of education and further training, and new occupational profiles.

Taking a scientific but very vivid approach drawing on current labour market conditions and numerous examples from research and practice, the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Christian Scholz of Saarland University examined value creation and staff development. He also moderated the panel discussion that closed the event, giving experts and participants an opportunity to examine the day’s topic and contributions in detail one more time.

The program overview.