10th Europrofession Forum | 3 to 4 November 2004

Ways out of the motivation trap - from further training to skills development

For the first time in the history of this event series, the forum began with an expert panel involving speakers and interested participants. This panel focused on the 2003 forum’s headline of ‘value creation and staff development’. Moderated by Prof. Dr. Christian Scholz, the panel discussed human capital measurement and evaluation in companies and pointed out opportunities for companies to be managed in a more effective yet also more employee-oriented way. Discussions focussed on the ‘Saarbrücken formula’ developed by Prof. Scholz, a model for evaluating human capital in companies.

Psychologist and author Jens Uwe Martens opened the forum with a speech based on his book ‘The Art of Self-Motivation’. Under the heading ‘Shapers or tolerators – opportunities for self-direction’, he presented the act of differentiating between different ‘default settings’ in people as being a key factor for the topic of self-motivation. It is key for personal and professional success whether a person has a shaping mind-set or plays the part of a tolerator or victim. People with a shaping mind-set and those with a tolerating mind-set differ in that the former actively engage with their feelings and accept difficulties as a challenge, whilst the latter passively endure feelings and thus forget to take action. This basic mind-set thus also provides the keys to the following questions:

  • How can we achieve what we undertake?
  • How can individual feelings be used to boost motivation and self-management?
  • How does self-motivation work and how can it be learned?
  • What role do such considerations play in the daily life of a company?

These questions were tackled by Ullrich Lüke, Sport 2000 Deutschland GmbH, Ariston-Nord-West-Ring (anwr-Gruppe), Mainhausen, Klaus-Peter Schulz, GLOBUS Fachmärkte GmbH & Co. KG, Völklingen, and Dr. Herbert Schmidt, Berufsbildungswerk der Versicherungswirtschaft (BWV) in Munich e. V. Numerous practical examples were used to illustrate personal experiences and their impact on motivation and commitment in professional life.

In the afternoon, forum participants had the opportunity to work with project managers from the consulting and training company TOP GmbH as part of a workshop on the topic of ‘motivation in practice’.

The program overview.