13th Europrofession Forum | 6 to 7 November 2007

Employee qualification in the past, present and future

Experts from trade, schools, universities and consulting were invited to the Europrofession Forum on 6 and 7 November 2007. They discussed the possibilities and dimensions of professional further training.

At the kick-off meeting on 06/11, discussions focussed on traditional Christian values and management on a multicultural global stage. An unrealistic anachronism or a trendsetting way forward?

Dr. Hartmut Chr. Lüling’s conclusion:

If you find your personal centre, then you also find values which are alternative and trendsetting in the truest sense of the word. And you see that values which seem to be dead ends in the short term are actually viable long-term paths for the future. This has consequences for us and our environment, and has a stimulating impact on our multicultural global scene!

Here are a few extracts from expert presentations given during the forum:

Employee qualification is a tool to support corporate strategy.

Media-based educational models help to accordingly shape operational value creation in a wide variety of ways.

If human resource management is not incorporated into corporate strategy and allowed to contribute to value creation, this results in their being eroded. Staff development falls short if it is not integrated into corporate development.

The provision of content via e-learning will decrease in the future. E-learning as it was once intended still survives in many cases. The ‘participatory web’ will drastically alter the world of teaching and learning.

Human-oriented teaching and learning should now be the focus. Those providing human-oriented training need personal contact during teaching and learning. The more personal contact between the teacher and the students is curtailed (e.g. by using new media), the higher the requirements of the teacher’s social skills during the remaining contact phases.

The program overview.