19th Europrofession Forum | 19 to 20 November 2013

New aspects of staff selection and development in theory and practice

The Foundation in collaboration with Saarland University and the Centre for e-Learning Technology (CeLTech) have been developing the ‘Industry and Science in Dialogue’ format for the Europrofession Forum since 2009. The forum focuses on different key topics in the fields of employee qualification and future-oriented further training based on jointly executed research and project work, and examines them in depth with experts from science and industry.

Held on 19-20/11/2013 and taking the topic of ‘New aspects of staff selection and development in theory and practice’, this event in the series covered elements such as online self-assessments or the innovative tools developed by the ‘PROFILE – Professional Profiling in Intelligent Learning Environments’ Foundation project for staff selection and determining the fit between applicants and requirements, presented in practical workshops and discussed with forum participants.

Project representatives and external speakers from industry (industrial, IT and consulting companies), universities and private colleges (Hertie School of Governance) also presented their knowledge and expertise in individual talks. They shed light on the latest trends and selection scenarios that for example make use of realistic, typical company case studies and interactive, game-based methods or intelligence tests with ‘tag clouds’, but also warned against ‘no gos’ such as a selection procedure that offers no feedback to the applicant. Topic areas covered included ‘knowledge services and qualification in industry 4.0’, ‘war of talents’, ‘HR work based on life stages’, and ‘the young, the old and the modern working world’.

More than 100 registered participants and their positive feedback made for a successful conclusion to the ‘Industry and Science in Dialogue’ series at the European Academy of Otzenhausen.

The program overview