20th forum

HR 4.0: Qualification and Work Structuring In Companies in the Light of Digitisation and Industry 4.0

With the motto ‘Industry and Science in Dialogue’, the Europrofession Forum has been setting the tone for human resources in the era of digitisation and the internet since 2009. Whether staff selection, professional development, advanced training and continued education, or workplace models and design, interested parties from across Germany come together at the European Academy of Otzenhausen to obtain new motivation and fresh ideas for SMEs and large companies, universities and research facilities, associations, chambers of commerce and special partners and to venture ‘outside the box’ in the network between industry and science.

The 20th forum on the topic of ‘HR 4.0 – qualification and work structuring in companies in the light of digitisation and industry 4.0’ set a burning issue at the heart of the presentations and lively discussions we expected to enjoy. For example, Jan Balcke drew on Airbus Operations GmbH discuss a roadmap for HR 4.0 in the aerospace industry, whilst Professor Reiner Anderl from TU Darmstadt introduced the ‘SMEs 4.0’ centre of excellence in Hesse. Dr. Holger Naduschewski used the example of the Volkswagen Training Institute to demonstrate the impact of demographic change on training and further education, and Jens Mühlner of T-Systems International GmbH spoke about corporate responsibility in the digital world (corporate digital responsibility). Dr. Carsten Ullrich gave a presentation on AI-based assistance services on the shop floor, and used the examples of various projects by the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Education and Research to demonstrate the potential of workplace-integrated information and knowledge services and of informal learning on the shop floor.

Professor Christoph Igel was responsible for the concept and programme of the 2017 Europrofession forum, and also attended both days of the event. More than 100 participants from across Germany attended this event, funded by the Asko Europe Foundation.